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Slow The Material To Solve Severe Challenges

Major Wire’s HyperSlot™ screen media is a slotted screen media with unique alternating crimped and straight wires that result in an uneven surface with one straight wire followed by one crimped wire. The crimped wire causes the material to slow down and tumble over the screen media.

Benefits Of HyperSlot

Slower material speed creates more time for it to pass over the openings

Tumbling effect from the uneven surface results in better fines removal

Vibration of the straight wires reduce blinding

HyperSlot is ideal for hot asphalt screening applications, de-sanding, removing large amounts of fines and/or wherever there is a severe blinding problem. It is available in custom configurations to fit your screen’s crown bars and your application’s specific slot opening needs. It is manufactured with our highly abrasion resistant OptimumWire® that delivers the industry’s best combination of ductility, hardness and tensile strength—resulting in the longest lasting wire available.