Northwest Screening Supply LLC

Superior Screen Media

Our Sole Focus Is Maximizing Your Performance

With this philosophy as our driving force, both Major Wire and its carefully chosen local Authorized Dealers are focused on your ability to meet your production goals versus just selling the next screen order, as many manufacturers do. That’s why our innovative and superior screen media product line delivers a strong return on your investment.

In addition to when we pioneered Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning technology, now available in both tensioned and modular versions, in 1996 and the highest quality and longest woven wire wear life in the industry with our OptimumWire® product line, Major Wire has pioneered many other solutions:

Flex-Mat 3 Series LFM™ that lasts far longer than traditional harp wire
Double-Weave™ woven wire that handles impact far better and lasts far longer than larger single-strand wire  
HyperSlot™ uniquely slotted wire that slows material down to increase throughput
Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire™ that provides more impact resistance than traditional Flex-Mat 3