Replacing Polyurethane & Rubber Panels

Major Wire’s revolutionary Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance, Screen Media technology, which has been proven to increase screening efficiency in more than 25,000 applications worldwide, is available in easy-to-install modular panels. Its distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips bond the individual wires and allow them to vibrate independently at different frequencies. This increases stratification of the material bed and provides more open area than polyurethane or rubber panels, without sacrificing significant wear life. Flex-Mat 3 is manufactured with highly abrasion resistant OptimumWire® that delivers the industry’s best combination of ductility, hardness and tensile strength—resulting in the longest lasting wire available.

Benefits Of Flex-Mat 3 Modular Panels

Increases material throughput by up to 40%

Provides up to 50% more screen capacity than modular panels

Virtually eliminates blinding, pegging and clogging

Minimizes downtime spent

cleaning/replacing screens

Provides greater throughput on polyurethane and rubber screen decks

Available in a variety of locking systems in 1-foot (305 mm) x 1-foot (305 mm) and 1-foot (305 mm) x 2-foot (610 mm) pin-type panel configurations and frame thicknesses of 1.18 inches (30 mm) or 1.57 inches (40 mm)

If you’re thinking about moving away from flat, modular screen decks, and want to experience the extra screening capacity of Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned, check out Major Wire’s new Modular Deck Crown Adaptors.

Try It 100% Risk Free 

If you want to try Flex-Mat 3 for the first time, in new applications or on additional screen decks, you qualify for our Results Guaranteed offer. Try a full deck of Flex-Mat 3 for 30 days. Your screening productivity will increase or we will replace it with another Major Wire product or reimburse your money. It’s that simple.

​Modular Flex Mat 3

To ensure your screen box is achieving maximum throughput and bringing your operation the best return on investment, take advantage of the different benefits Flex-Mat® 3 offers on each deck. Its independently vibrating wires eliminate near-size pegging on top decks, produce cleaner retained product through middle decks and prevent fine material blinding on bottom decks. Material that is supposed to pass through each deck will fall through, so you achieve more production of cleaner, in-spec material that increases your overall screening profits. It can also work in conjunction with other screen media on the same deck to best handle the abrasiveness of your material, such as following polyurethane on the feed end of the top deck to increase throughput at the discharge end.

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