Piano Wire Meets Polyurethane’s Durability

Major Wire’s Flex-Mat® 3 Series L™ is a high-performance harp (or piano) wire manufactured with the individual wires firmly molded in polyurethane strips, eliminating the steel-on-steel wear associated with traditional harp wire. Every wire is equally tensioned, increasing the overall efficiency of the screen to produce the spec material you are trying to achieve.

Benefits Of Flex-Mat 3 Series L

Lasts up to twice as long as traditional harp/piano wire
Keeps material in spec
Handles shock loads better than conventional harp and/or piano wire

Flex-Mat 3 Series L is available in customized wire types, diameters and configurations to match your specific applications. It is manufactured with our highly abrasion resistant OptimumWire® that delivers the industry’s best combination of ductility, hardness and tensile strength—resulting in the longest lasting wire available.

Northwest Screening Supply LLC

Flex-Mat 3 Series L